Well Equipped Gymnasium

Well Equipped Gymnasius

Give you the proper weight training to boost up the strength.
Treadmill and exerbikes
To enhance the stamina and for good cardiopulmanary exercise.
A group activity
Dance aerobics and bench aerobics as a fun filled experience.


Yoga Batches

Emphasis to concentrate on posture and stretch points to enhance flexibility.

Special facilities :
Massage with prior apponintment, choices of Ayurvedic oils available.
Steam bath :
Detoxification of the body. For musele relaxation to reduce body fatigue.

Diet Consultation

Personalized dietory advice.
Diet charts are designed.
Diet modifications are done.


Health Food on Demand

Health food on demand

Library Facility for Health Related Books

Library Facility for Health Related Books

Programmes Run

1.Wieght management program.

2.Life style management program.
3.Stress management program.
All the programmes are designed with prior medical check up and by considering the medical history.




  1. Therapeutic Yoga.
  2. Pranayam.
  3. Therapeutic Pranayam.
  4. Meditation.
  5. Relaxtion.

Special Batches /Camps.

  1. Pranayam.
  2. Back care.
  3. Knee care.
  4. Abs batch.
  5. Suryanamaskar.

Children Special

Awareness programme for parents towards children health...

To focus on-
obesity, diabetes in children. Irritability and restlessness in children.
Fitness programms for children.
Yoga and meditation for children.
Scientific suryanamaskar training programme.

meditation for children

Basic Gymnastic Camps for Children in Vacations

Basic Gymnastic Camps for Children in Vacations

Rhythmic Gymnastic for Girls

Rhythmic Gymnastic for Girls

Other Activities

  • Pranayam.
  • Back care.
  • Knee care.
  • Abs batch.
  • Suryanamaskar.
Abs batch